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Showcase: Massachusetts Water Supply Tunnel

Massachusetts Water Resource Authority

Dr. Hardcastle, the Senior Structural Geologist at EGGI, and colleague Dr. Steve Mabee of the University of Massachusetts (and more recently State Geologist of Massachusetts), were awarded a grant by the Water Resources Division of the US Geological Survey to access and study a newly constructed water supply tunnel in Eastern Massachusetts.  This unique opportunity shed light on many aspects of groundwater flow through the complicated metamorphic basement rocks of the glaciated New England terrain; similar rocks extend along the eastern US in the core of the Appalachian Mountains.  These scientists worked towards finding the relationships between remotely sensed lineaments and surface measured bedrock structures and the water-bearing structures revealed in the tunnel. 

Status/Results: Results were presented at National meetings and published in peer-reviewed scientific journals (including, Mabee, S.B., Curry, P.J., and Hardcastle, K.C., 2002, Correlation of Lineaments to Groundwater Inflows in a Bedrock Tunnel, Ground Water, v. 40, no. 1, p. 37-43).  Such relationships will ultimately enhance the predictive ability of characterizing groundwater resources in fractured bedrock domains. phone 603.279.4425   -   fax 603.279.8717