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About EGGI

Meet the Senior Team

Peter Foster, M.S. -- Project Manager

Mr. Foster is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire in Durham, NH where he received both his Master and Bachelor of Science degrees.  He has focused his professional career and graduate studies on groundwater investigations in New England and along the U.S. Eastern Seaboard.  He has been with EGGI for 14 years and his experience and responsibilities include:

  • Project Management
  • Pumping test design and analysis
  • Geologic logging of water supply production wells and environmental monitoring wells
  • Assessment of contaminant threats to groundwater quality
  • Use of AutoCad and GIS for any of above
  • Geophysical surveys (collection and analyses of data)
  • Site investigations and preparation of hydrogeologic reports


Tinkham, D.J. and Emery, J.M., 2013, Delineation of a Wellhead Protection Area around the Lyndhurst Well, Augusta County, Virginia, presented at the 22nd Annual Maryland Ground Water Symposium, September 26, 2013.

Mentor for the John Mann Mentors in Applied Hydrogeology Program – The Geological Society of America, April 2012.

Foster, P.J., Emery, J.M., and Hardcastle, K.C., 2012, The Impacts of the Earthquake that Struck Near Mineral, Virginia on Groundwater Resources in Northern Virginia.  Presentation at the 61st Annual Meeting of the Southeastern Section of the Geological Society of America, Asheville, North Carolina.

Tinkham, D.J., Foster, P.J., Emery, J.M., and Brooks, J.A., 2007, Implications for Aquifer Analyses from Discrete, Anisotropic Water Level Impacts Observed During Pumping Tests Performed in Fractured-Bedrock Aquifers. Oral presentation at the 42nd Annual Meeting of the Northeastern Section of the Geological Society of America, University of New Hampshire, Durham, New Hampshire.

Foster, Peter J., Hardcastle Ken C., Brooks, John A., and Emery, James M., 2006, Groundwater Exploration and Development in Sedimentary and Igneous Rocks of the Mesozoic Culpeper Basin, Fauquier County, Virginia – A Case Study; Geo. Soc. Am., Abs. and Prog., v. 38, no. 3, p. 12.

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