Dr. John Brooks presented a talk at the recent New Hampshire Water & Watershed Conference

Dr. John Brooks presented a talk at the recent New Hampshire Water & Watershed Conference entitled “Evaluating Recharge Sources for Bedrock and Sand and Gravel Production Wells,” by Brooks, J., Emery, J., and Garrett, P. ┬áHis talk reviewed the hydrologic and geochemical evidence collected during recent pumping tests to evaluate whether surface water will be induced as recharge to public water supply wells recently developed by Emery & Garrett Groundwater, Inc. (EGGI) in the seacoast region of New Hampshire. EGGI’s recommendations for protecting low flows in rivers and wetland habitats near these new Public Supply Production Wells were also presented in the talk. In addition, the utilization of artificial recharge to enhance groundwater productivity from sand and gravel aquifers and to mitigate against potential adverse impacts to existing water resources was highlighted using the results of numerical modeling conducted in a recent aquifer recharge feasibility study.

The 2011 New Hampshire Water and Watershed Conference was held on March 25-26 at Plymouth State University. The more than 250 people that attended the conference over the course of the two days gained new information and skills that will be instrumental in strengthening the protection of New Hampshire’s water resources. The Conference organizers will be posting the presentations of all the participants on the following website: Plymouth State University – Center for the Environment

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